About Shore Thang

As the company grew internationally, SHORE THANG evolved into a lifestyle brand.

Southern California is our home. We want you to feel safe, welcome, and chill.



We’re adventurous

We experiment

We’re beautiful

We learn new things

We’ll find the money

We’re digital first (and mostly mobile)

We’ll talk some trash (but we’re probably right)

Shore Thang is led by creative entrepreneur Zachary Elliot. A Los Angeles native and world traveler, Zach is quick with a joke and an honest opinion.

Zach is pretty sure he’s the oldest millennial and draws upon way more years of web experience than he’s comfortable admitting.

Zach is currently leading a medium-sized team of digital pros to support a small, but growing handful of exceptional internet personalities.

If you’re insta-famous and still somehow broke, probably you should contact Shore Thang right now.